You said goodbye to school and entered the long-awaited adult life. In parallel with the main task – how to start learning well, there are many secondary related to household duties, personal life, entertainment, and additional earnings. At the same time, all this still needs to be done. Let’s try to figure out how to solve the problem of a temporary resource in a student’s life.

What is the student life or how to plan your day

The life of young people is like a boiling volcano – it boils and does not stop. No longer schoolchildren, but not yet adults every day have to do a lot of things, while on weekends the program only increases.

Understand how to have time to learn – the main task of a College student. Work in pairs, homework, preparation of reports and presentations takes a lot of time and effort, especially if the student is interested in quality education. If you count the number of hours you spend studying every day, you wonder how much time you have left for something else.

Education in an educational institution is not only education but also socialization. Master classes, concerts, holidays, excursions, promotions, group projects contribute to the formation of a Mature worldview when you can take responsibility for your actions. Participation in public life is an important point for those who want to achieve a lot, and should not be ignored.

Lack of time is one of the biggest problems in the lives of young people. The presence of parents and the absence of everyday problems (housing, food, pocket expenses, etc.) does not change things, chronic underachievement remains the most important “student disease”, because life is so short, and it is necessary to have time so much.

Homework: a few tips that will make life easier for the student

Learn to take notes. No need to take shorthand notes of the lectures word for word. Isolate the main thing, develop your own, clear to the brain system of abbreviations and symbols. Outlines logical, structural. And then sitting at home for homework, it will be much easier and easier. Because the main you take notes, and then easily be able to do what was asked by the teacher.

Use the recorder and other gadgets wisely. Do not rely on the achievements of civilization at 100%. First, decipher the lecture with a voice recorder dreary work. Imagine: you did a lecture, and then still have to spend as much time on the transcript! Is that wise? Recording on tape is only suitable for auditory learners (people who can best absorb information by hearing). Secondly, teachers do not like students who turn on the recorder and continue to sit with a vacant look.

As for tablets, laptops and netbooks, they can be a great help, especially in the library. But don’t forget that writing with a pen activates memory processes in the brain. Remember about the teachers who need to take the abstract, written by hand. So if you’re going to use a recorder or any other gadget, then do it so as not to get blacklisted to the teacher. But in principle – this is another good option to make it easier to do homework.

Stock up on common notebooks, pens, coloured markers. Carry a spare pen with you. Use coloured markers to highlight the main thing, to structure records.

Go to the University library for textbooks among the first. Yes, textbooks in high school – not the main thing, but they are still needed.

Another option to do homework help websites for college students. But of course, you have to understand that for this kind of service you will pay money. And the harder the work and fewer deadlines, the price will be higher.


You do not need to make the same amount of effort on each subject. Make every effort to study the disciplines that are important to you, but allow yourself to relax a little in classes that have a low priority for your chosen goal. It was a good way for me to save energy when I was studying. I could not give my best in every lesson, otherwise, I would have “burned out” and so I invested my energy in disciplines that are of great importance to me.

Sometimes ask homework that does not justify the effort. But only you decide to do or not do your homework.